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Originally Posted by puddleglum View Post
The paper you linked to was not about sex education generally, only one type, so it did not show that sex education is effective on preventing abortions. The paper does show that while state with higher levels of abstinence only sex education had higher levels of teen pregnancies, they did not have lower levels of teen abortions. The states that had sex education that did not mention abstinence had the least abortions, the states that mention abstinence in context of a comprehensive sex education had the most teen abortions, the states that emphasized abstinence had slightly fewer abortions than states that only mentioned it, and states that stressed abstinence had the second lowest rate of teen abortions.

This strengthens my opinion that sex education has no effect on teen pregnancy or abortion rates.
Jesus frog. Why don't you try reading my post. You basically repeated what I said.
Since everyone pretends to do sex education these days, comparing abstinence based education with other types is as close as you're going to get to comparing sex ed to non-sex ed.

Now, assuming that you went back and read my post, what do you think of my contention that the lack of abortions - despite the higher pregnancy rate - could be due to the increased difficulty of getting them and the increased social pressure against them?