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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
States insisted? How do states communicate? I've live in a state all my life and I've never heard it say a word.

States don't talk. People talk. So explain why a person who lives in Wyoming should have more representation than a person who lives in California.
That's very far from compelling logic, even for the internet. By the same logic the United States does not communicate, I've never heard it say a word either. So why should it have any influence on overall world policies out of proportion to its population as a % of the world total? Because it's a sovereign entity, which by its own political process decides what limited portions of that sovereignty it's willing to surrender to 'higher' international bodies (there are some cases under various treaty agreements).

The states as sovereign entities agreed to surrender a good deal of their power to the new federal govt to form the Union, but not all of them, nor did they agree to no longer be sovereign entities. And practically speaking you have to live within that agreement, or get around it under it's own terms but without word games. That's the practical reality which isn't even really affected necessarily by whether your logic is strong, or as lame at it just was.

The further ridiculousness of this conversation being, that if Democrats (the 'reformers' seeking their 'rightful' political domination at all cost) got the kind of majorities they need to pass constitutional amendments downgrading the Senate's power (which is the marginally realistic path rather than 100% state govt agreement to have their Senate representation reduced, which would literally never happen) would depend on Democratic politicians first attaining Senate and state legislature 2/3's and 3/4's majorities then downgrading their *own* personal power, which would also not happen when push came to shove.