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I agree.

Communist regimes are certainly totalitarian dictatorships. And they have had periods when they had cults of personality (Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro).

But communist regimes aren't overtly militaristic. They claim that peace is their goal. I realize they often stray away from that goal but so do western democracies. The point is that they present peace as a positive and war as a negative. Fascist regimes do the opposite.

Communist regimes also lack the belief in inherent tribalism that is a central pillar of fascism. Communism claims to be a universal ideology in which everyone is potentially welcome and equal. In an ideal communist world, everyone would be a communist. This is not true of fascism; fascist believed that there is one group that is better than everyone else and that people who are outside of this group can never enter in. Communists believe you can convert people into communists; fascists believe outsiders can't be converted to insiders and must therefore be subjugated or eliminated.
I forgot another major difference between communist regimes and fascist regimes; their temporal orientation.

Fascist regimes present a mythological and pseudohistorical basis for their legitimacy. They will claim to be the successors of some past golden age who are trying to revive that golden age.

Communist regimes present a pseudoscientific basis for their legitimacy. They will claim they are making a clean break with the past and are moving forward into an ideal future as something new.