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The Cabin in the Woods. I won't say any more except to say that the Americans do not win... nor do the Japanese, nor does anyone else.

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Black Hawk Down kind of straddles the fence: The movie was about a battle that could be described as a Pyrrhic victory or maybe outright defeat for the Americans in Mogadishu. 18 Americans killed, 75 wounded, and it was a disaster for the Clinton administration. Since the movie is based on real life, though, I don't know if this is what you are looking for. I am assuming you mean entirely fictional, not-real, movies.
I know this is the traditional perspective on how The Day of the Rangers went down but considering that the Somalis went back to what was left of their homes with about 4,000 casualties, I'd say it was an absolute curb stomping by the US forces. I have said it before and I will say it again: they didn't lose, they left. As I recall from the book, Super Six Four pilot Michael Durant was returned intact after a general explained to the Somalis that if he was not returned in pristine condition with the quickness, not a single stone would stand upon another stone in Mogadishu. Black Hawk Down tells the story of how these soldiers were caught off guard and under-prepared and still handed the whole city its ass. Hence why the locals don't refer to it as "the day we beat the Rangers".