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Originally Posted by SlackerInc View Post
Ha, that’s rich. I tore you apart in that post you are claiming is cowardly.
*checks self* Nope, still in one piece *dusts off shoulder*

And it was cowardly - since the point of my original post was how badly you failed in your pedantry, and you didn't address that (still haven't, coward).

It was a thing of beauty actually.
We've already established your self-awareness is as seriously lacking as your intelligence. "Thing of beauty", my ass. I've heard better rants from drunken Malaysian sailors lying in puddles of their own piss on the Foreshore.
And I have never said, and do not believe, that black or brown people are “inferior”.
Oh, you're "paternalistic" towards you complete equals or superiors?

Dude, you don't have to literally say "I think blacks are inferior" for that to be the exact implication of what you do say, like admitting to being a "paternalistic racist"

Have the courage to own your bigotry, rather than snivel away from your own words like the coward we can all see you are.
I do believe it’s pretty fucking obvious that there are different strengths and weaknesses that are not equally represented in all populations.
"Populations" are not races, but thanks for playing.