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Originally Posted by NDP View Post
At 28% ABV, can you really call it beer? When it's that high, doesn't it fall into a different category of alcoholic beverages?
I mean, you can call it a "high-alcohol" or "high-gravity" beer, but, as long as it's just fermented by yeast and not distilled or fortified, I don't see why we need to give it a different name. Now, there is freeze distillation that is used to up the alcoholic content of various brewed beverages. I personally do think a different name should be given to those beverages or at least call them "freeze distilled beers" or something like that. To me (and I'm sure many others), the difference between beer and wine and cider and other stronger beverages made from the same initial ingredients is whether the drinks are fermented, distilled, or fortified.