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Originally Posted by swampbear View Post
I coulda contended for that...'cept I left my phone at home. I guess that means I'm nobody.

India was quite a rough trip because we were warned not to drink the water, & you know what is a key ingredient in ice, right? (Mebbe I shoulda taken some of the dehydrated kind with me.)

Saturday was a good, but long day. The only thing i didn't do was get pics of the B-17 flying but it wasn't as they were doing maintenance on it. Sat night was an open bar, she was filling the glasses with ice & then giving healthy pours. I was good as I was both tired & wanted to get up for sunrise on (how appropriate) Sunday so I only had two. The water was flat & there were some fishermen out; little fish beget bigger fish who beget mammals. yup, there was a dolphin getting breakfast, couldn't see him eating but did watch him breach the surface a number of times. I've never seen a town close off the beach in the winter time. At the boardwalk, there are paths over the dunes every block, there are also little toll booths there to ensure you buy a beach badge. There was a metal French barricade screwed in in front of the booth & snow fence behind it. Snow fence is really not climbable as it isn't sturdy enough to support weight. Was able to get on the beach before the boardwalk began at one of the places that municipal vehicles can access it.

In general, I like ice in my drinks, 'cept if I'm sippin' alkeyhaul as the melting ice dilutes it. (That's why the vodka, & Jaegermeister, stay in the freezer - cold with no need for diluting ice.)