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From last week:

doggio, the JD would likely render the applesauce for immediate eating or canning only since I doubt if it would freeze. It might make an interesting slushie though.

metal mouse, we're getting pretty much the same weather as you. After a shower yesterday morning, it became a beautiful day. Today, it's been rainy all day. I was proud of Nelson. He didn't play Princess Pretty Paws or try to go in when I walked him in the rain this afternoon. He even made me pick up poo!


alien, I was using a mix of Granny Smith and Gala apples, so they took a little sweetening.

sunny, McIntosh are a nice tart cooking apple. I generally use them for apple pie, dumplings, crisp, cobbler, sauce, etc. For some of these things, I'll combine them with a sweeter apple and reduce the sugar/ stevia.

To answer the OP:

At home, unless I've been working in the yard or something, I don't often use ice, except for iced coffee (yeah, my late sweetie used to tell me that I was easy to spot as a Yankee because I drank iced coffee and hot tea ). Tea and selzer is usually pretty cold coming straight from the fridge. Most drinks, I'm OK with room temp, otherwise, I'd never finish a cuppa coffee before having to nuke it. I tend to drink coffee until around 2:30 in the afternoon (two sixteen oz mugs), except for some iced tea to wash down morning meds and switch to selzer with some kind of citrus once I get home.

Looks like my cow-orkers are going to have to shake a laig to get EoM out. I have my hands full and can't step in to do all of the crap they need help with. C'est la damn vie!