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I went to see Holy Grail alone at a Saturday matinee immediately after it was released in the United States. At the time, I had only the lightest smattering of the Python experience (the "Man with Three Buttocks" sketch), so I wasn't sure what to expect, though I'd been told the movie was like "a real live Dungeon* descent."

There were maybe a half-dozen other people in the cinema that afternoon. Watching the movie alone in the dark, I thought "This isn't funny, this is sick!" The only time I laughed was when Lancelot kicked the fat broad in the chest (which goes to show how sick I am). The only other part I enjoyed was the Castle Anthrax segment, but for entirely different reasons.

Two weeks later, I went to see it with some friends in the evening, when the cinema was packed with people. Not only did I laugh myself silly, I walked out with a lot of the lines memorized for my own future use.

Apparently, experiencing Python alone and with little or no previous exposure to it is akin to watching Hogan's Heroes without a laugh track. Things you're supposed to find funny, you simply don't.

*NB: I hate Dungeons and Dragons. BOR-ING!
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