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Yep, I watched it again tonight for the first time in many years. The bird murder scene was quite cruel. There's the elf, equipping each toy with its own personal umbrella to guide it safely down to earth, until he comes to the bird. The elf even pulls out an umbrella, opens it, holding bird in one hand, umbrella in the other, as if to give one final taunt. The viewer is expecting the elf to hand over the umbrella at any moment, when suddenly, with no change of expression and showing no remorse, the elf simply tosses the bird over the sled, with complete and utter disregard for any sanctity of life.
I just watched it tonight too and saw something completely different. All the other toys before the bird grabbed the umbrella; it looked like the elf was waiting for the bird to do the same, but the bird looked at the umbrella, and then chose to fly off itself (a miracle!). I also did not see the elf's right arm (the one without the umbrella) move, so IMHO no tossing occurred.