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Iíve removed a few of my own popcorn ceilings before. Most of the work is the prep of laying plastic down if you already have carpet in. Use your garden pump sprayer to wet the ceiling with water. Wait just a little while, then go back and scrap it down with a wide drywall blade. I had my own aluminum stilts, which made the job that much quicker. Use an air mask, I used a twin-stage painters mask and are not that expensive.

If the popcorn ceiling was put in during the sixties and up to late seventies, thereís a good chance itís asbestos. Anything in the eighties onward, I doubt has it if my memory serves me correctly. Iím still not sure why this would require a professional to remove it, but thatís just me. If you donít feel comfortable doing it, then donít.

But using a good air mask, and especially wetting the ceiling down, really keeps any dust to a minimum. There really isnít anything to it. Iím sure youtube would have plenty of videos on how to do this. They have on every other do-it-yourself project it seems.