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Not sure how this is a debate question, really.
Hope you're just curious and not thinking of offing yourself.

I would think taking a huge amount of sedatives would be rather painless, somewhat fast, and clean, if by clean you mean no blood splatter because you probably will soil yourself upon death.

When done right hanging is actually one of the fastests, most painless ways to go. I've even heard of defense attorneys advising their clients to take hanging if given the choice.

Autoerotic Asphyxiation somewhat fits your bill. It's not actually a method of suicide as almost all the deaths from it are accidental. (I don't really know of suicidal people needing to strap one off before they die) And it's not really quick. But I guess it's painless and clean.

Your requirement that it be clean intrigues me. Seeing the actor of suicide will be dead, why would he care if there's a mess?
A shotgun it the mouth is the quickest, cheapest way I can think of. But man, it won't be clean!