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Because when I hear someone making an appeal to free will, I assume they are arguing that they have the ability to operate however they want (the third hypothesis), no matter what variables they are operating under. If they make a stupid choice, it's because they made a stupid choice. It's not because they were under the control of environmental factors X, Y, and Z interacting with the biological factors 1,2, and 3.
And when I hear people talking about free will, I assume they're saying that the free-willed person is able to make decisions based on available knowledge without their decision-making process being interfered with by outside manipulation. I would consider "are my pants tight" to be part of available knowledge. The fact that somebody acts differently depending on whether they like the song on the radio or not doesn't show they don't have free will; it shows that they have varying preferences for various stimuli and react differently to the stimuli depending on their preferences and the current situation as they perceive it.

There's absolutely nothing in that that conflicts with any version of free will that I'm aware of, except maybe yours.

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I gave my definitions. What are yours?
Free will = "Sentient external forces aren't controlling decision-making process with an aim to alter my outcomes to match their intentions."