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Originally Posted by Ale View Post
... You are calling people like Isosleepy criminals who should be imprisoned ...

... you people are one rant away from talking about the final solution to the Republican question.

Where did I call "people like Isosleepy" criminals? I've consistently referred to Trump supporters as deluded dolts, not "criminals." When I wrote about "incarcerating criminals" I was talking about ... [can you guess?] ... actual criminals!

Will you please retract your groundless claim connecting me to a "final solution"? It's not liberals like asahi, nor moderates like me who are happy to use force against their political enemies; this sort of disgusting hateful violence is much more of a right-wing thing.

Yes, I do consider Donald J. Trump to be a criminal, despite that 12 juror have not yet concurred. (I read that the State of New York may also pursue charges of criminal fraud against Ivanka Trump.)