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Originally Posted by Ale View Post
... What Asahi, Der Trihs and others in these boards have been doing in regards to their complete demonization and dehumanization of their political opponents (or even people who rather not pick sides) is the groundwork needed to create the conditions where political violence breaks out, I don't see right wingers regularly bringing up rhetoric of that caliber to the SDMB so I'm quite tired of, each time I call out that behaviour, to be met with "but but Right WIngers!".
Der Trihs is to the Board's other leftists about what WillFarnaby is to the Board's rational thinkers. To lump Der Trihs with other leftists on the Board is quite disingenuous.

My impression possibly incorrect is that asahi is relatively moderate but is so hugely inflamed with anger over Trump and the GOP as are many of us that he lets himself indulge in hateful hyperbole. (I can sympathize as I do this myself I don't really believe that Pence and octopus are literally cockroaches; it's hyperbole.)

It is a simple fact that America's right-wing tends to advocate violence against their political opponents much more so than left-wingers. (Do you dispute this? Do you need cites?) It is Trump who has literally called on his supporters to attack his opponents. It is HurricaneDitka who declared that the mass murder by Timothy McVeigh was "not entirely unreasonable."

Speaking for myself: Yes, I know my level of anger seems almost unhealthy. I think releasing it anonymously here helps me cope with it. But the anger is well-founded. Anyone unaware of how HUGE the damage Trump is doing is, is very badly informed. Anyone not disgusted with the Republicans rallying around this heinous criminal traitor has lost their moral compass.