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Originally Posted by zoid View Post
So in other words he spoke kindly of a man he honestly admires instead of bashing him simply because he's a member of another political party.
He campaigned for a member of the republican party in 2018. And not a never-trumper, either. Upton isn't some hard partisan scumbag like Gohmert or King, but the reality is, he's a republican in the era where the head of the republican party is Donald Trump. There is no such thing as a good republican. There's only bad, worse, and nazi (and it took them about a decade to throw out the guy who is loudly and proudly the latter). Any "good republican" has since left the party, because even if there were something worth salvaging, it cannot be salvaged while the party is led by McConnell and Trump.

But even beyond that, this ignores the reality of modern politics. The democrats needed to win the house in november. Not doing so would have continued to leave us with no checks on the Trump administration and no way to address any of the many pressing issues that leaves us. If the republicans keep the house, we're not getting investigations into the Trump administration. We're probably seeing the end of the Muller probe. We can forget about any action on climate change, the single most crucial issue of our time. In 2018, the democrats needed a win for the sake of the country. And they got one... But Biden decided to speak up for the opposition. And he was paid $200,000 to do so.

Fuck him.

Originally Posted by Grrr! View Post
Yeah, that's my take on it as well. If you criticize Biden for this, you're basically advocating for tribalism over democracy.
And fuck this take, too. It is not "tribalism over democracy" to recognize that the current republican party is an aberration, that it retaining power is a catastrophe, and that you basically cannot be a good person while simultaneously supporting the Trump administration. It's just the truth.

Originally Posted by MEBuckner View Post
Biden no longer holds any elective office to be primaried or to resign from; he resigned from the Senate in 2009 after being elected Vice President, and of course he hasn't been Vice President since January 20, 2017.
Whoops, I thought he was in the senate. Don't know how I got that wrong, mea culpa.

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