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Originally Posted by terentii View Post
Some people need to hear the clue being read before they buzz in. I know I would. No way would I take a chance that I just might give the correct response after seeing it in print for a split second. I need more time to make sure I understand the clue and can frame the correct response.
I think you misunderstand my suggestion, or one of us misunderstands the current case.

Right now, at time t_0, the question appears on the screen. You can read it. Alex starts reading it aloud. At some time shortly after Alex finishes reading it, a light comes on that the contestants see. At that point, t_light, the buzzers are active, and the first person to buzz in gets to answer.

I am proposing that anyone who rings in between t_0 and t_light+t_human_reaction_time be given an equal chance to answer.

Essentially, remove "quick on the buzzer" as a component of the game. "Quick to find the answer" is still relevant, because reading the question as Alex reads it still doesn't give you that much time to figure it out.

Originally Posted by Ellis Dee View Post
Equal chance as in by random draw? I'd hate to be responsible for a computer program tasked with generating the random numbers, as any such set will contain suspiciously long streaks after an arbitrary amount of time. "Returning champ was 'randomly' selected every time that game. FIX!"
This is a well-solved problem. The Nevada Gaming Commission, for one, has figured out how to regulate it. I'm sure that whoever makes sure that Jeopardy is a true contest could manage it too.

Could you alternate it, somehow? Like all three pre-buzz, first tiebreaker goes to A (champ), all three pre-buzz again so this time it goes to B. Next time C, then back to A, etc...
Sure, you could. That is also fair, but probably less interesting.