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Originally Posted by iamthewalrus(:3= View Post
This is a well-solved problem. The Nevada Gaming Commission, for one, has figured out how to regulate it. I'm sure that whoever makes sure that Jeopardy is a true contest could manage it too.
What do you mean, slots? That's not really related to what I'm talking about.

You can play a slot machine and lose 20 times in a row and nobody bats an eye. If you enacted a tiebreaker for early buzzers on Jeopardy, and the champ gets picked 20 times in a row, you've opened yourself up for criticism.

If you introduce a "forced shuffle" effect where you prevent too many duplicates in a row, you're no longer generating "pure" random numbers, but instead more or less doctored ones, again opening yourself up for criticism and/or inspection. (And, it should be pointed out, if you do do this, you're only a very short half-step away from the alternating method I proposed instead of random. Just set the duplicate limit to 1.)

It's possible you were talking about something other than slots; if so, apologies for the assumption.

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