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Your post consisted entirely of unsubstantiated opinion (except for a factual statement about Goldberg). zoid's response can be viewed in exactly the same vein, pure opinion. Because "liberal bias" is itself a biased judgement, an opinion. We have no rigid metric for defining "liberal" (some people have even started to claim that it is actually a sort of synonym for glibertarian), so whatever you perceive as a bias is absolutely nothing more than what you perceive.

Media is a business, working for businesses (advertisers). The fundamental agenda of business does not coincide with what most would consider a "liberal" (left-ish) agenda. Hence, it is illogical to imagine that the media business would have a bias that conflicts with their fundamental agenda, suggestions that it would have a conflicted bias simply sound delusional.
And yet you still give no hard evidence to prove your statement that Goldberg's book is full of fucking lies.