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Originally Posted by Anaamika View Post
I color in adult coloring books. It's very relaxing and enjoyable.
Yes, that seems to be the most popular selling point: that coloring can be a helpful break from daily stresses. To quote from the introduction to my book:

… The merits of coloring are many: pride in producing a beautiful page; pleasure in the colors themselves; and, perhaps most strikingly, the meditation-like effect of calming the mind while occupying the hands.

The repetitive motions of coloring, combined with the creative nature of the activity, help to focus the mind on the here and now. This centering of the mind provides a refreshing break from the stresses and anxieties of daily responsibilities. Even a few minutes devoted to this pleasing ritual of mindfulness can reduce strain and worry. The page to be colored is undemanding: your own choices are all that matter. The page contains no links or come-ons or reminders that pull and push at you; this can be a welcome contrast with a computer screen.
A page that’s ready to be colored is an invitation to become absorbed in a creative activity that makes no claims, commands, or calls for additional action. …
Here are two more (miniature versions) of the book's pictures:

The first one, in part, shows a well-known engraving: the 1888 "Flammarian" picture of 'medieval cosmology.' It's the one picture in which I blatantly 'quote from' an existing work, but I liked the way it came out and decided to use it. The other pictures are a combination of my own translations of oil paintings into drawings, and bits and pieces of period works, also translated into drawings. It took me, quite literally, hundreds of hours from the beginning of the project to completion.

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