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Originally Posted by WildBlueYonder View Post
... I've been drawing on computer paper evenings for like 3 years. I think its a big stress reliever and relaxing thing. (I've saved them all since the beginning)

My relatives visit on occasion and think I'm nuts for doing this. Hopefully by now they've seen the books in the store and figure I am not so crazy!
Tell your relatives there have been articles in EVERY major reputable magazine and newspaper about this phenomenon: The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, and The New York Times, among others.

You're not nuts: you're an early adopter!

Originally Posted by WildBlueYonder View Post
Those books on the market that I see are way too intricate. I'm not good at staying within the lines. Oh and they are expensive too! Out of my budget anyway with just being a coloring book! Maybe if they were 5 bucks ...

My book is only $5.99! But I won't try to sell you on it as it sounds as if you really prefer abstract designs (not to mention unbound pages).

You do lead me to think about the handedness issue. In preparing my next work, I need to think about the way a left-handed person would experience the book.