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Originally Posted by Tim R. Mortiss View Post
I'd be interested in hearing more about your disappointing experiences with Zenni. I've mostly heard praise for them. What should we be watching out for?
We ordered a pair each around the same time.

For my glasses the frame was way too flimsy despite ordering nicer (pricier) frames. The lineless bifocals had a tiny area of the reading part that was usable. Had to constantly wave my head around to read. The protective coating almost immediately began to wear off leaving a speckled pattern on the lenses. The protective coating needed a protective coating!

Mrs. FtG's pair were just badly done and largely unusable.

Keep in mind: we didn't go with the low end versions of things at all. Paid extra hoping to get better quality. Nope.

Definitely done with Zenni.

Ordered so far two pairs from EyeButDirect. Standard bifocals and a pair for the computer. Costs only a little bit more. Happy with both after a year+.