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Originally Posted by ftg View Post
Mrs. FtG went to the optometrist a couple weeks ago and got an upgraded Rx.

Went to a national chain store. The service was astonishingly horrible. The "specials" scheme was ridiculous. E.g., using a "discount" or "coupon" was not a good idea. The "discount" was off the "regular" price so it always came out much higher than the normal store price.

Just walked out, went online and bought from eyebuydirect. Not here yet so we'll see.

Brick and mortar stores might complain about online stores "stealing" their business. But they themselves need to take the majority of the blame.
Bumping this thread and hoping to find out how you liked EBD.

I was ready to buy some glasses from Zenni, but bailed when I found they did not have a "check out as guest" option. I have something like 14 logins and passwords for work alone and I'm done. Not ordering from any business that makes me create an account. EBD seems to have the option as do a few others, so I'm hoping their products are good too.