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For the North, ending slavery didn't really impact them.

It's like in Japan, they love cool little devices that add new features. Japanese cellphones were way ahead of American ones for a decade before the iPhone hit (and it was, outside of the multi-touch feature, worse than Japanese phones from a hardware standpoint, I believe). But, at the same time as the Japanese love modernity, they don't have a modern kitchen. They were highly resistant to the introduction of diapers. In general, they don't want anything that would free up the time or workload of a house wife, because that would affect their lives in a significant, not trivial, way.

In the US, women didn't really stop being property of their husbands until ~1900, legally, and probably not in many practical senses for another few decades. It's not really until the 70s that women were really allowed to start having a career and their own life, without the permission and control of a man.

White or black, you have women in your life. Union or Confederate, however, the odds that you had a slave was quite different.

It's easy for a non-smoker to tell a smoker to stop smoking and to ban smoking. A group of smokers...they ain't going to vote for that law.