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Originally Posted by Max the Immortal View Post
Turns out that's kind of a big deal. The current shogun decided I was getting a little too big for my britches, and denounced me. All of the other clans promptly declared war on me.
That sounds a lot like Papal behaviour. Please, please tell me the Shogun is not as colossally annoying as the fucking Pope. "Cease this pointless war" ? Screw you, they attacked me, I'm just taking my shit back you pompous bastard ! Keep this up and you're not getting your yearly bribe, mister !

Originally Posted by Mr. Kobayashi
Not sure about all the agents though, think they should have stuck to the assassin/spy dynamic from the earlier games - how exactly do geishas differ from ninjas? I'm sure this sort of stuff will come to me in time, but for the moment it's a bit confusing.
You realize geishas were in the original, right ? They were ridiculously overpowered too - I once wiped out two powerful clans in a row and in a couple years, just by hunting down the heirline and hanging them all from the rafters with shamisen strings. Good times.

Anyway, I assume they do the same thing now as they did then: assassinations that hardly ever fail, and if they do you just lost a turn rather than your geisha as happens 90% of the time when ninjas bungle up their kill. In the first Shogun they also had much higher success percentages than ninjas of equivalent skill level - an 8 star general wasn't absolutely safe even from a newborn geisha, and since they could only die to another geisha they gained experience like crazy anyway.