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You guys have a lot of the British Isles (well - mainly Southern England) under a Stars and Stripes. One oddity is that they are all nominally RAF stations - RAF Lakenheath, RAF Alconbury etc. Someone once suggested that this country is the USA's largest aircraft carrier. I have no doubt that the citizenship rules are the same here as elsewhere and simply being born here does not give the right to British citizenship.

On the bases at one time, British law was only applied in serious cases like murder, but recently it has changed:

Status of Forces Act

Drawn up in 1951 and then set in legislation as the Visiting Forces Act, this is the legal framework for what foreign military personnel can – and cannot – do in the UK.

It reserves jurisdiction over United States personnel to the US (as applies to British personnel in Nato countries). Minor offences such as driving infringements are nonetheless settled in the British courts. But concern is growing that the legislation has been overtaken by technology, and that new safeguards are needed to maintain the UK veto over what activities are permitted.

Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (Ripa) Despite this being the benchmark for what secret surveillance and investigation can be carried out by public bodies, there is no requirement to monitor compliance to Ripa by US military personnel in Britain. Peers and MPs are concerned that Anglo-American eavesdropping is not being monitored.

Military by-laws Under an overhaul of by-laws, the MoD is tightening the rules surrounding US bases, including RAF Croughton. Under the new rules infringements, from failing to collect dog waste to taking photographs, would be arrestable offences.

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