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Originally posted by Hirsel
Hi guys,

do I say it or don't I?
Okay, just to let you know: people who
are born in Germany are not automatically Germans. So
whatever you are, when your parents are non-German, you are also non-German. Sounds pretty rough, but the Germans
leave it up to the foreigners to sort out whether their child
is also a foreigner or without any citizenship. In SenorBeef's
case he would be US citizen, but not German. I think the law
has changed slightly in recent years, but propably not

Actually, my mom told me that I was offered dual citizenship, but she just took American citizenship.


[smartypants on]
Also, you were probably born in Nürnberg, not Nürnburg, where
berg means mountain and burg means castle, quite a difference.
[smartypants off]
Ah, thanks.

It's not often that I actually have to spell it - the only time the issue comes up, actually, is on NICS checks.