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Originally posted by chula
. . . you need either a Certificate of Naturalization or a Consular Report of Birth Abroad. It's because it's too hard for someone in the United States to know what a valid Panamian birth certificate looks like.
And I guess the difficulty in getting a certified copy from a foreign country. Although right now I don't see how this could be any more difficult than getting the darn duplicate original or certified copy or whatever the heck I've paid the State Department $30 for but haven't seen yet. My Congressman said I should fill out form 565-N or some such with the INS for a replacement certificate. I looked it up on their website: $155 for this! I attempt to call the passport office thinking they'll know if what I want comes from the State Department or the INS; all they have is a $4.95 per call telephone number! Sorry about this little hijack; you can probably sense I'm a little put out about this.

So anway, chula, you're saying the passport people need the Certificate of Naturalization not to prove I'm a citizen but because they can't determine what a valid Panamanian (it's in English) birth certificate looks like? I guess I could get copies of my parents' birth certificates and prove my citizenship that way. Well it's all moot for me anyway since I took a chance and mailed the original document to the passport office. Not to mention the absolute moot-ness of the issue of my being able to run for President. If only I had known a little earlier in life . . .