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I've been nearsighted all my life and worn contacts for 35 years to correct that and astigmatism. Now I've got the far-sightedness, too. I have Acuvue for Astigmatism for driving, watching sports or movies, or other every day tasks. For computer screen tasks at work, I switch out my left regular lens for one that focuses at about 22 inches: monitor distance for me. That's my monovision lens. So my prescription is basically OD: -4.25 -180, OS -4.50 -010, OS -2.50 -010. Reading glasses were not doing it for me in regards to the monitors and papers I need to see at work. It allows me to change focus from monitor to office visitor to walking down the hall without messing with glasses or running into walls. If I'm doing a steady up close task like embroidery or reading a book, I either put on reading glasses which I buy at the dollar store or I remove my vision correction altogether. That's really the easiest way for me to read.