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Five-Word Movie Review

Inspired by this thread:

I thought it might be fun to try it as a game.

The Rules

1. Address three movies at a time, reviewing or describing each in just five words. Bonus points for wit, elegance and puns.
2. End your post with a genre, theme or descriptor (cowboy movies, Jimmy Stewart movies, movies with a color in the title, etc.) for the next poster.
3. If there are simulposts, the second-appearing poster need not redo his or her movies, but should repeat the ending genre, theme or descriptor of the first poster. If he or she doesn't, the next poster should repeat that genre, theme or descriptor, so that each one gets done eventually.
4. Genres, themes and descriptors may be repeated if there is at least one intervening different example.

I'll start....

War movies:

Soldiers suffer, win respect, die.

Breaker Morant
Three Aussie officers get railroaded.

Good Lord, what an ego!


Film noir.