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Originally Posted by Damuri Ajashi View Post
I would also call McCain a patriot. If he had been running against Gore in 2000, I would have voted for him. If he had been running against Hillary in 2016, I would have voted for him.

Even as I was voting against him in 2008, I respected the fact that he was trying to push back against the folks who were calling Obama a secret muslim, but a lot of people on this board was having none of it. McCain somehow became a sexual predator and loose cannon.

Same thing with Romney. We almost ran out of names to call him. We practically blamed him for the financial crisis and frankly, we engaged in more than a little bit of anti-Mormon bigotry.
I'm not quite sure about Romney but I don't remember any of that about McCain on this board. The only thing he got a lot of flak for here was his choice of running mate. You'd probably agree he didn't get as much flak as Palin did, and Palin and Trump got about the same amount, so therefore McCain did not get as much.