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Originally Posted by Damuri Ajashi View Post
Trump is not afraid of his creditors, his creditors are afraid of him. And now that he's president, if he is anything near the despot in making that some people think he is, then his creditors have no fucking hold over him at all.

The banks that lend money to Trump's real estate deals do not lend money on faith. Real estate loans are usually secured and based on a pretty solid business plan. I doubt Trump has trouble raising money for a good project and like it or not, Trump's name on a project adds value. His name represents the lion's share of his wealth.
Originally Posted by drad dog View Post
If his name is his wealth then I have real doubts about his liquidity.

You don't know what his debt is, who it's to, how many times he's been sued, what his tax returns look like, where any of those suits are in progress, what the value of his name is, or what his motives are in what he says and how they are affected by this, how easy or difficult it is for him to borrow money from various sources, how wealthy he is... or anything really.

What you do know you ignore.

Given that, are you fighting ignorance or just being a donald mythifier, and apologist?

It's really curious tone for someone who voted against him.
Well, let me go off in Breitbart-type journalism:

Trump owes millions to Russians overseas and the Russian mob is there to enforce collection, if they are not the lenders directly. New York City construction? I'm sure he had interactions on some level. Maybe Trump is afraid of his creditors when it's the Russian mob and they tell him they'll be putting bullets in his children's heads if he doesn't make good.

How does he make good? By getting elected and by being Putin's bitch and getting the Syrian economic sanctions removed so ExxonMobile and Russia can make billions together.

And, as a bonus, appointing anti-global warming deniers to key positions will just open the Arctic to drilling as fast as possible!


That's how easy it is to come up with some wackadoole conspiracy theory to explain what the people you disagree with are doing!

Connect the dot. Sheeple! (Parody of Trump supporters was intended; purchase of cape does not allow user to fly).

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