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Originally Posted by drad dog View Post
If his name is his wealth then I have real doubts about his liquidity.
His brand is worth more than you or I will ever be. Just because he is not qualified to be president doesn't mean he isn't rich or that his brand doesn't mean anything.

You don't know what his debt is, who it's to, how many times he's been sued, what his tax returns look like, where any of those suits are in progress, what the value of his name is, or what his motives are in what he says and how they are affected by this, how easy or difficult it is for him to borrow money from various sources, how wealthy he is... or anything really.
He hasn't disclosed his financials to me but any reasonable estimate of his wealth is close to or over a billion dollars.

What you do know you ignore.
What am I ignoring? Or are you another one of those posters who think that if I'm not with you, I'm against you?

Given that, are you fighting ignorance or just being a donald mythifier, and apologist?
In what way am I a Donald apologist. IIRC You are responding to the notion that Donald Trump the POTUS-elect is going to do the bidding of Russia because he might owe money to some Russian banks. Do you seriously think that notion deserves serious consideration or do you think that it is inappropriate for me to point out the dangers of crying wolf and being fucking wrong, again.

What are you going to say in 2 or 3 years when it turns out that Trump ISN'T actually a Manchurian candidate in thrall to Putin? The Liberal hyperventilation just makes it easier to dismiss any actual concerns we might have about Trump.

It's really curious tone for someone who voted against him.
That's because I have more loyalty to my country and the truth than partisan politics. Do I think Trump will be a good President? Nope. Do I think that he is going to hand our country over to Russia because some Russian banks lent him some money (do we know this for a fact?). Nope. And I think that anyone that pushes this line of thinking is an idiot who will do more harm to the efforts to defeat Trump in 2020 than Al Sharpton and Tawana Brawley did to racial justice issues. If we hurl baseless allegation after baseless allegation at him for the next four years, then we simply lose credibility. Sure it fires up the left wing idiots but we don't have as many idiots as the other side and we will lose if it becomes a battle of the idiots.