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I don't know if these terms have any vital function. I do think it is easy for them to be misused even before getting into the human tendency of expanding definitions. Toxic masculinity and toxic femininity are fairly incoherent to me, as traits among genders are in flux often overlapping, and if I knew of a situation that happened with a blindfold that obscured knowing the genders of the parties involved, I'm not sure I'd ever feel comfortable applying such a label.

If the labels are looked at strictly through a lens of socialization, that is more clear. One of the pitfalls within that I see is assuming socialization is the cause of something. If I'm a young man in a society that tends to promote a toxic behavior among males and I engage in that behavior, that doesn't automatically mean the nurture influence took. My problem could be primarily genetic. I think we should be cautious of words stifling other lines of inquiry that could be educational. When a man goes on a shooting spree, often we can look at factors going on in his life and make a possible case his thoughts were marinading in toxic masculinity. This can be reduced to evil which can then make probing other factors seem like ways to excuse evil.

Having said that, if I am less picky and guarded about language for a moment, I would say instances of toxic masculinity directly causing external ripples do appear to be more ubiquitous and easy to spot, so I understand why it is discussed more. I would think discussion of internalized self-sabotage due to expectations merits a balanced consideration between genders; I don't easily draw connections why these toxic masculinity and femininity terms are also lumped in with this.