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Democratic items in stimulus bill that have little or nothing to do with coronavirus relief

Some of the items in the Democratic House bill for coronavirus relief are not related to the pandemic or economic stimulus at all. Examples of such include:

Requires states to mail all eligible citizens an absentee ballot and forbids states from requesting identification or requiring witnesses/notarization for absentee ballots (only signatures may be used).

Forbids states from outlawing "ballot harvesting," or the practice of political parties or individuals collecting completed ballots from voters and transporting them to ballot drop off locations.

And some other things besides.

The practice of ballot harvesting has absolutely nothing to do with the coronavirus, ditto for anything about absentee balloting. This is an attempt to use the urgency of pandemic relief to pass legislation that might have had a hard time passing otherwise. If Democrats want to keep ballot harvesting alive, or forbid ID for absentee balloting, then propose it in a separate legislative session, but this is an attempt to pass riders on the back of the situation urgency of the moment.