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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
We all suspect that Rose had some special ambition for what Steven would become, what with him being her gem hybridized with human. Is her ambition for him going to made more clear and is this foreshadowing his eventual pushing back against it?
I imagine that the goal is to give something like "gem powers" to the humans. They knew the homeworld would come for them eventually, and just the four of them wouldn't be able to put up much of a fight, but breeding the ability to do gem stuff into the humans will allow them to defend themselves.

And we've seen that Human-gem hybrids have some advantages over full-blooded gems -- they can walk through forcefields and are immune to that gem destabilizing wand.

As to Johnny Ecks' question, I had pictured them as an expanding empire, conquering and plundering planets in multiple directions, none of which were any real match to their powers. Not as them having a single major foe.
I figure they'd encountered planets with life before, but never intelligent life, so previous gem takeovers of worlds to turn them into gem incubators were environmental disasters, but not "wars". Rose was unique in seeing that humans were "people" like themselves and that killing them was different from killing animals.