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Originally Posted by leahcim View Post
I imagine that the goal is to give something like "gem powers" to the humans. They knew the homeworld would come for them eventually, and just the four of them wouldn't be able to put up much of a fight, but breeding ...
I appreciate the sharing of the speculation but given that Rose had to cease her existence/manifestation as Rose for her gem to be part of Steven I do not think that could be it. Even if you had the other three gems all breed with humans there would still only be four of them.

The second part though ... may be on to something I think. Steven essentially is a fusion ... of Rose's gem and Greg. And fusions, at least desired willing fusions, we have seen, are much more than the sum of their parts.

The parallel potentially follows through with the other gems and Beach City to some degree: they had, before Greg entered the scene, been keeping themselves separate from the human culture around them. Through the show we see them increasingly becoming part of the community and maybe eventually they will be shown to be stronger as a unit together?

But if that is the theme they are going for then my foreshadowing idea with Sadie's Song is pretty much toast.