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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
"Catch and Release" in comparison significantly advanced the plot line.

Kudos to Johnny Ecks and grude for the call.
Yep good episode, two things occur to me.

So the forced fusions we have seen are not the goal of the cluster experiment, they are failures or just proofs of concept or just incidentally produced. The Cluster is something very different with the ability to destroy earth, I'm wondering if it is some godzilla sized fusion monstrosity intended to just be let loose and randomly destroy stuff or if it is some kind of planet buster bomb or something.

And at this point are we meant to believe the normal size for gems is Peridot size? Ruby, Sapphire, Lapis, Peridot, Amethyst, and Centipeedle's humanoid shape when it reformed are all around Steven's size.

Rose, Jasper, and Pearl are the odd ones out. And Pearl is tall but skinny, it appears Rose and Jasper are freakishly large for gems. Wondering if Rose was originally a warrior like Jasper.