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Originally Posted by Push You Down View Post
I think it might just be a reference to the episode that Lion was introduced. Steven walks into the pizza place and says he's ordering for two. Reynaldo says "Steven's pregnant!"
And then when they think Steven is lying about Lion, the scene ends with "I bet he's not even pregnant."
Ah I missed that connection, thanks!

Anyone else find Greg acts weird and is treated weird by everyone including Steven?

I mean when Greg turned Steven over to the custody of the gang he had no powers, not even a promise of having powers in the future. But they were still dragging him along on adventures cleaning up the feral beasts still out there, and the gems had no experience in child rearing not even the observational skill childless people get by osmosis. There are hints in the early episodes Greg is a mess since Rose died but you'd think all the more reason he needs Steven in his life.

What the hell Greg? And when Greg tells a white lie to spend time with Steven in the geode episode Steven gets so angry he basically banishes him, WTH? And the whole thing with the gems hating Greg introduced in the early episodes, which is shown to not even be true except for scorned Pearl. Greg and Pearl need to both suck it up buttercup and let Greg live in the house with Steven.

I'm wondering if the house wasn't originally built for Greg to live in, we're shown that Rose's room can't create edible food or drink and Gems don't need to use the bathroom. Where did Greg and Rose live?

It is a testament to this show that it invites this kind of analysis.