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Originally Posted by Push You Down View Post
There's a lot of...complicated stuff with Greg and the Gems.
The episode where Amethyst and Greg marathon watch Baby Butler (Lil Butler?) in the storage space, you find out that they used to spend A LOT of time together. Greg breaks down when Amethyst shapeshifts into Rose.....there is some heavy stuff. If it were an adult show there's some subtle storytelling that would make you think that Amethyst and Greg spent the night together post-Rose--mourning...maybe drunk. But it's a kids show... so you're not quite sure what to think.

Pearl's relationship with Greg is obviously all through the prism of jealousy.

Garnet is largely indifferent and/or condescending to all humans. Greg is no different.

I think the Gems took stewardship of Steven at an early age because even if he had no powers he still had a gem and needed watching over.
I honestly did not know what to think of the Lil' Butler ep, and if anything seeing it as a sexual metaphor has become even CREEPIER since the reveal that when Greg met the Gems Ame was at the level of a toddler or young child.

I think in my head I am choosing to assume Ame was her usual crass self and trying to cheer Greg up she surprised him in Rose's form after Rose uh died, and Greg was instead shocked and appalled and that is the source of the falling out. She shows a lack of sensitivity like making kidnapping jokes an hour after it happened for instance.

Ironically in the Cat Fingers incident where Steven lost control of shape shifting it was Greg who saved him.


There is a short line in Catch And Release that has made me come up with a dark theory, when Peridot is unbubbled in the room with the giant heart she sees all the bubbled gems and asks fearfully is they are going to "harvest" her.

Now this might just mean use her gem to power an object, like we saw with Lapis. But what if the Gems are using power from all the bubbled gems to power the temple somehow, harvesting their power or something? Maybe this is not fatal or injurying, but how would Steven react to learning the temple is powered by all those bubbled gems?

Is the temple a spaceship? Smaller than the one the handship came from obviously, but it also has the veins and a heart in it.