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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
Decent theory but now we know ... she "should" be a much bigger warrior but was probably in the ground too long. Not sure if they meant for us to perceive flashback Amethyst as smaller rather than just younger and more immature.

Meanwhile they are spending a lot of show telling energy on Peridot's growth and gradual connection building.
I fear they are setting up a twist here, where we assume Peridot will betray them to homeworld but she doesn't and instead Amythyst does instead feeling betrayed by the team.

Honestly how old is Steven anyway? 8-10? Maybe before it was ok, but now that homeworld is paying attention to earth again Greg and the gems need to sit him down and tell him everything they know, doing otherwise is crazy. Embarrassment at being a former slave or having a socially disapproved sexuality could hurt Steven badly, I'm kinda glad this isn't a more "realistic" show because that could end bad.