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I started watching this show a few weeks ago thanks to this thread and binge-watched the entire series over the weekend. It's been a while since a cartoon has impressed me this much, although if I started from the beginning, I probably wouldn't have liked it as much.

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Regarding Amethyst's size- there's nothing to indicate that size can't be changed during regeneration. Amethyst could easily have been created at one size under Homeworld's plan. Then when her behavior gets her poofed, maybe at some point after she learned about humans, she could easily choose to regenerate in a smaller form. This could be conscious, to try to be more like humans, or subconscious, showing her lack of confidence in herself. Then as she gained more confidence, probably at some point when Steven is at most a toddler, Amethyst steps up and moves into her "grown up size" after getting poofed. This is a theory only, and it's probably totally wrong.
Amethyst spent too long incubating in the ground and came out a lot smaller than than she was engineered to be. Also, she emerged all alone in the kindergarten and was stranded there for who-knows-how-long before Rose and the Crystal Gems found her and took her in. Also, according to "Too Many Birthdays", gems are as old as they feel they are. With Rose as a mother figure and being the literal baby of the group, Amethyst was content to remain a child. At some point, she matured into her present form (which in body language, posture, and attitude is entirely adolescent), either because she had to grow up a little after Rose's death, or perhaps because she was hanging around humans like Vidalia enough that it was awkward to be a little kid.