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Litter was the main argument in the California bag ban. Chain link fences along the freeway rights of way were filled with shredded plastic bags.

When we are in SCal, our BIGGEST problem is remembering to bring bags with us into the store. That means buying more bags. The bags at home get stuffed into bags, and they breed. We got the damned things filling the pantry and stuffed into bare corners everywhere. You feel guilty for throwing them away!

The typical plastic grocery bag, pre ban, was perfect for so many things. They fit perfectly into small trash cans kept in bedrooms and bathrooms. And if you encountered something goopy and nasty, just grab a bag and throw the whole mess away.

Since the reusable plastic bags that you pay for are bigger and heavier, you can throw away bigger, goopier messes.

Once people are forced to move to another home because the breeding reusable bags have taken over the house, maybe the ban will be rescinded.

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