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Originally Posted by Ravenman View Post
I don't think that the carbon footprint of a plastic bag was a major reason for advocating for their banning or taxes on them. Here in DC, the major issue was that plastic bags had been a pervasive form of litter, leading to the slogan, "Skip the bag, save the river."

It seems to have been a smashing success here, as the number of bags cleaned up has dropped by four-fold after the bag tax went into effect.
Here is info on the drop in California.
Litter data from the Coastal Clean-up Day, held annually in September, shows a substantial decrease in plastic grocery bag litter, corresponding with the implementation of local and ultimately the statewide ban on single-use plastic grocery bags.
“For decades, plastic bags were one of the most common items collected during the annual California coastal cleanup,” said John Laird, California Secretary for Natural Resources. “This year, as California continues to transition to reusable bags, we are seeing a substantial decline in plastic grocery bag litter on beaches, rivers and parkways.”

As recently as 2010, volunteers documented more than 65,000 plastic bags littered along California beaches and rivers during the annual clean up, accounting for 7.4% of all items littered, 3rd most prolific behind just cigarette butts and fast food packaging.

By the 2016 clean-up, with better than 40 percent of the state covered by local bag bans, plastic grocery bag litter had dropped by 66%, accounting for less than 2% of items littered.
I have had no trouble remembering to bring bags to the grocery store. I keep a few in my car, just in case. The conference I'm involved with gave them out, and I got extra being on the committee. I can guarantee they were very cheap, but they've lasted at least five years with no signs of wearing out.
Unless you work for a plastic bag company, I just don't understand being against a ban.