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Originally Posted by Sailboat View Post
Yeah, it's the "found in the guts of dead whales" problem bag bans are directed at, not "carbon footprint."

The most effective way -- by far -- to reduce carbon footprint is to end animal agriculture. That would be vastly more effective than carping about bag bans.

...reducing your family size by one person does far more to reduce pollution and tackle climate change than every other measure put together, saving 58.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalent emissions each year..

.Giving up your car was the next most effective measure, ....

Next on the list were aeroplane travel ... investing in green energy ...Going vegetarian

That has it fifth. But even that's wrong. Because normally animals do graze on plants. It's the feedlots and overgrazing that's the issue. reducing your meat consumption is a good idea.

It has Eat locally-produced and organic food ranked over
Cut the beef and dairy....