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Originally Posted by WOOKINPANUB View Post
I started using the reusable bags several years ago and I am now just getting to the very bottom of my "bag drawer". We're talking 15+ years of bags, which I use daily to empty the litter box. For those who have indoor cats and don't use plastic bags, what do you use? Paper? Need answer fast
Use the bags bread comes in. That's what I used when I had a cat. I didn't throw them out until they were mostly full. If they're not full yet, give the top a twist or two to keep the odors in, and leave it near the litter box. With one cat, the bag wouldn't get full for about three days.

Originally Posted by WildaBeast View Post
I have two heavy canvas bags that I bought from Trader Joe's in 2005. They're old enough that now the cashiers there comment on my "vintage" bags.
Hey, I can top that. I bought my cloth bags in the early 90s, maybe one of them in the late 80s. The store I bought mine at is no longer in existence. I have three, although two of them were misplaced in a recent move. They're in a box somewhere around here.

But I don't use all three anyway, any more. For the last 11 years, I've been bicycling to the grocery stores and hauling most of them home in a backpack. It's just a few items like bread that I put in a cloth bag and more or less hang from the handlebar. So I don't use more than two at a time now. For the second bag, I have a coth bag I got at a trade show which is big enough for my needs.