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In Hawaii, when the plastic bag ban first went into effect, stores did exactly what was cited in the OP, they went to heavier biodegradable bags (increasing the sales of those) and while some stores would charge 5 or 10 cents for them, the bigger chains just used them as usual. Judging from the others at the checkout lines, most people (including myself), just carried on as usual either taking the free bags or paying the 5/10 cents for them.

Realizing the original ban didn't work out as a planned, last year the State added a new law banning all plastic bags (restaurants and small stores are still exempt) completely by 2020, and are required to charge 15 cents for any bag, big or small, even if it's paper. Longs Drugs, our local CVS affiliate doesn't even offer any bags, other than the reusable cloth bags they sell at the checkout at all.