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Originally Posted by Filbert View Post
It can make a noticeable difference locally. Although some of the plastic that's washing up on beaches round here has come from other countries, most of it's just from the local area, often from right up the beach. The attention given to the straw ban round here seems to have had a pretty big effect on local littering, even if it's mostly acting as a reminder rather than having a direct effect...
That shocks me. I doubt that one single straw I have ever used ended up in the ocean. I can't even think how that would happen. It's not as if the wind picks them up and blows them away.

Unlike the bag bans, which I grudgingly accept as probably helpful, the straw bans strike me as stupid. And when I want to use a straw, no, I DON'T want some biodegradable thing that will dissolve as I am trying to enjoy my drink. I grew up with paper straws, plastic straws were an enormous improvement. I've recently been given a "biodegradable plastic" straw and a paper straw with drink. You know what, they still suck.

After the paper straw started to decay in my cappucino-to-go, I threw it out, took another paper straw, and waited until I was done with the liquid, and then used the straw to enjoy the rest of the foam. That mostly worked, except it had an unpleasant flavor of brown paper that didn't really play well with the coffee.

And no, I'm not going to carry a metal straw and a little brush to clean it. I mean, really?! Maybe if I become disabled and require a straw to drink at all I would do that, but there's no way it's worth it just to enhance my enjoyment of a drink.