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Originally Posted by Leaper View Post
Maybe, but that wouldnít erase the fact that the bank knows, for sure, it WAS in your account at some point, and now itís not, even if they canít find where it is now.
Sure, but can they make that stick to you if you never transferred it in, either? Imagine if through no action of yours, maybe even while you were away camping with no internet or phone for a week, a huge, unsolicited deposit was put into your account, "in error," and a day or so later, transferred out to some other account they now cannot verify or track down, just as plausibly without your knowledge or consent as the initial mystery deposit. How could you be held liable?

In this case the money was obviously used by the account holders in question, to pay bills, make cash gifts, pay for purchases in their name (like a car), and so on.