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Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
In a broader legal sense, though, how far does this "Finder does not mean keeper" principle apply?

If I order food at Burger King, and the absentminded staff give me two Whoppers instead of just one, am I committing a crime if I eat the extra Whopper? Yes, it's only a four-dollar mistake as opposed to a $100,000 error, but the principle is the same.
Technically, probably (IANAL), but as the judge said when I was arrested for flashing, de minimis non curat lex.

The customer goes to the manager at the grocery store, and says "the cashier gave me the wrong change." The manager points haughtily at a sign saying "All Errors Must Be Reported to the Cashier At the Time of Sale", and says, "sorry, there's nothing to be done."

"OK", says the customer. "I just thought I would mention that the cashier gave me three dollars too much."